Another request to add a duration condition to HSM

I know I'm not the first to make this request, but it would be very useful to have custom HSM conditions that include a duration along with the trigger. So for temperature , that it stays above a value for x minutes. Same use case as a previous post - refrigerator monitoring. If the refrigerator goes above the threshold for a minute and returns, I don't need to be notified. But if it stays high long enough, I want a notification.
Yes - I know I could do this with a rule, but this seems to fit right within the intended use case of HSM, and it's very nice to have all the problem conditions set up in one place - HSM works very well that way. THis seems general enough to make sense to me - door stays open more than x minutes, temperature stays high or low, etc.

The other enhancement request which I've also seen others suggest - is a set of cancel conditions. RIght now, it seems alerts stay active until manually cancelled (or you need a separate rule in RM). It would make sense for the setup in HSM to include an option to cancel the alert when the condition returns to normal (optionally).

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I second this request!
It would be extremly useful to have, even if it is a fixed number, but even better with a variable!

Data venia, I made @hokfujow words mine! It would be very useful in many ways.

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