Another LUX KonoZ Driver?

I have 3 LUX Products KonoZ thermostats and they work ok, but they have been kinda flaky lately. I know the driver is built in, but does anyone know of an advanced/upgraded driver that might work a bit better for me or am I just supposed to use the built-in driver?

I would start out by describing exactly what is flaky. If those issues are driver-related, as opposed to device/mesh-related, I’m sure @mike.maxwell would like to know about them.

I have 3 of them in my house, each one controls its own zone. The oddities are sporadic, but a couple of high-level issues I've been having.

  1. Using Thermostat Controller, changing the temperature sometimes syncs them all, other times, it does not. When trying to change a specific thermostat (from within TC) it errors out and say "Error: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object"
  2. The thermostat is set to Heat mode, but the status shows it's in cooling mode sometimes. It's not actually cooling, because the cooling threshold hasn't been met, but it gets stuck showing that it's cooling when it's not.

Your issue 1 could either be an issue with Thermostat Controller, or the thermostat not being available on the mesh. I would contact support about it. Also tagging @bravenel.

Issue 2 could either be how the hardware is designed, or a driver issue. Tagging @mike.maxwell

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