Annoyed with rebooting

So I came home late last night and noticed that not much was working with my HE.

First things first. I don't know what's causing the issue with my HE being that there is no way to see what's processing. Second. I'm not running all that much I think. About a dozen little rules or so. All reactive to physical stuff so they don't run in the back ground. I don't have many other apps running.. just a few.

Anyways. I always have to reboot this thing. It been rebooting at 4 but I feel it needs to reboot more often then that.

How do I get to the bottom of this. Logs show little issues.. no idea of memory or cpu issues it's frustrating since I assume that my alarm is not working quickly when the lag happens..

Please give me some idea on what to look for!!
We need some technical stats

Some troubleshooting tips.
0 - check for software updates and make sure you have the latest version.
a. Open a the logs window and keep it open.
b. Exercise each of your devices manually several times while examining the logs. You are looking for a spew of errors or warnings with the press of a button (indicative of either error processing or a processing loop).
c. Do the same for each rule (test each rule several times, again looking for the spew of death).

If that is no help, start disabling devices that are associated with community-provided drivers/apps and see if that helps.

Above all, if you identify a problem, get with the developer.


In addition to @djgutheinz's suggestions, here's mine. I use only one cloud integration (SleepIQ). I was using that on Hubitat, but suspected it caused slowdowns with frequent polling.

So I moved that to SmartThings and integrated it into Hubitat using @srwhite's HubConnect.

Maybe it's coincidence, but I don't have that slowdown issue to nearly the same extent anymore. In place of rebooting every other day, I now reboot my HEs every 2-4 weeks.

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C4 hub, @aaiyar ?

C-5 (both C-5).

I have a smart things but I don't have it on anymore. I got a new house started over. But offloaded to another device idk..

I'll check the logs again. But for real, how do you check to see how much CPU in resources are being used

For cloud integrations, you don't need to leave the SmartThings hub on.

You don't. There's no way to do this.

As already stated you don't. The developers feel that seeing usage stats will lead to red herrings and a lot more support tickets, and that the current disable and wait and see approach is good enough so they have no plans to add any resource monitoring tools.

Large JSON response; size: 110821

could that be a problem.. from Sharptools

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I read on another thread that a response greater than 1024 could cause a lockup, and a fix is in the works. I don’t know if it applies to your issue, but it might.


Can you point me to that link so I can watch it please?

[Release] [*ALPHA*] Lightify Gateway Integration - 0.20 about 2/3 of the way down.

That issue, in particular, is in the raw socket implementation. I don’t think the issue extends beyond it, but I may be wrong.

Thanks, Adam. I wasn't sure if it would also apply to his issue. I would assume that @bravenel could answer @eaton.blumenstein 's question

Never know what might be helpful in resolving the slowdowns (well, you might of course, but I might not).

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I mean, a 110kb response IS relatively hefty... :slight_smile: that’s a lot to process.

Interesting enough I was working on an app and had a httpGet call that had a large amount of data in the and it caused my hub to pretty much hang. I had to reboot.

After the reboot the same call would cause it to slow but not hang like it did. Probably because the reboot freed up some resources.

But I was just testing something so its not a big worry for me. But thought I would mention that as well.

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Just to clarify, this only occurs during the initial device synchronization (after your authorize devices) when the system is syncing over batches of devices. After that, it's just tiny event updates that are sent.

And the warning is one that we, SharpTools, specifically added. From a relevant post in the SharpTools community:


Just an FYI, this happens quite often in the logs, this is just not a one day hit. but like you said, they are aware of it. and I have no evidence if it is actually slowing the system down, or nothing at all.. just something i saw. I personally do not like it, as it looks bad though.