Announcing current day?

I am using Notifications native app for a reminder for our oldest. I want the day of the week included but I am not sure if that's possible. %time%, %date% are there but there a way to use day of the week?

I don't think there is a way to do that from the Notifications app. It should also be noted that %time% and %date% refer to those of the "triggering" event, not necessarily the current date and time, though if you don't use the "for X minutes" or "repeat every Y" options, they'd be effectively the same.

You certainly could use a rule to do this. Here's an example that includes only the day of week, but you could use this technique (storing it in a variable) to use it later as part of your ultimate TTS string. In this case, a local variable would work, but if you have a use for this elsewhere, you could even do this in its own rule and use a hub variable instead. Maybe some day, the Notifications app will even let you use hub variables so you can do this rest of the work there, too. :slight_smile:

But until then...

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If you familiar with Webcore it has a number of constants that contain month day year, etc. You can write a simple piston to fill a hub variable connector with the value each day. I do this for a announcement that says when the cat litter was last cleaned.

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