Announcing a new Wiki for custom user created apps and drivers!

After seeing many requests for a Wiki type interface to list all of the great user created apps and drivers, I went ahead and made one. This has been a work in progress for quite a while now and is finally ready for prime time.

This in no way replaces the forums here, but rather is an extension of them. Release posts can get buried on the forums pretty fast making it easy to miss out an a great app or driver. Now with the Wiki, there will be a well organized way to find and explore what this great community has to offer.

What is needed.... Developers! All developers code will remain exactly where it is right now (usually on Github). The Wiki is simply another way to get exposure to your great apps and drivers. We welcome all developers, of all levels, to list their offerings here. The more the better!

Users will find an easy to use interface with all apps/drivers listed in alphabetical order. There is also a listing of developers, so you can see at a glance all the apps/drivers that particular developer has to offer (pending developer participation).

Each developer can create as many pages that they need. Usually giving each app or driver their own page. PLUS each developer can have his/her own personal page to list all of their app/drivers in one list to help promote what else they offer or any other information they would like to add. These are YOUR pages, put whatever information you would like on them!

Please take a look at, kick the tires and let me know what you think!


This is a very good initiative. I hope that we can come together and populate this and make it easier for new users to start using HE.

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Very generous of you. Well done and I wish it all the best.

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Thank you for taking the time to create this new tool. Hopefully it will become the goto place for community based apps and drivers. I will do my best to populate my code there as time permits. I haven't had time to do much code related work as of late, but I think this is worth the investment. there a way to tag apps and drivers or sort based on function (eg lighting, button control, locks, motion, etc)?

Thanks again,


Sure, I just added a "How To" page to address that. Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!

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Very Cool. Added to my arsenal of Hubitat Goodness!!

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Added my first app (ABC). A little painful at first...but now that I know what I'm doing....super easy.

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Awesome, great addition with the specialized categories. I just went and added my apps to the individual categories.

Feel free to add any pages you want to the 'how to' section too. Tips, tricks, whatever... :grin:

Now what this Wiki needs are "Sample" Rules :slight_smile:

From the very simple to get the n00b going (me), to moderate to very complex

Some variations of the same rule would be fine as we know that there are tons of ways to do the same thing. They should also contain explanations as to what is going on

Just my $.02

There is already a Rule Machine category. Just waiting for people to fill it! :grinning:

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I created 3 templates that should help anyone getting started. They are listed at the top of the following categories.

  • Developers
  • User Created Apps
  • User Created Drivers

Based on my initial struggle to get this setup, I recommend the following:

  1. Create a new login
  2. Click on "Category Developers"
  3. Click on Developers HomePage Template
  4. Click on Edit in the top right corner of the webapge.
  5. Copy the Template to the clipboard. Do not save or change this page.
  6. In the top left corner of the webpage, click on your user name. This should give you the option to create/edit your homepage.
  7. Paste the template and edit accordingly. Use the exact names of the apps and drivers you plan to add to the wiki.
  8. Once saved ,you should be presented with your homepage and each app/driver should be presented as a link. If you click on the link, it then allow you to create/edit each individual driver/app page.
  9. A template for the driver page and apps page are also included at the top of those categories. Copy/Paste and edit accordingly.
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Can you add SSL/TLS (Https) to the account creation and login pages? Without it usernames and passwords flow in clear text across the network/Internet. provides free certificates.

I can't. This is a free wiki hosted by A quick search looks like they have been working on a solution for a couple of years now.

Looks like we had a GREAT first day.

  • 12 custom apps added
  • 10 custom drivers added

Users: Remember, you don't even need an account to browse or search for the app/driver that you may need. An account is only needed if you would like to make an edit to any page.

Developers: Lots of NEW categories to add into your pages. Great way to add exposure to your app/driver and makes it a lot easier for users to find what they are looking for. If you need any others please contact bptworld or stephack to assist or if you are comfortable doing it yourself, go ahead and add it!

If you need help getting started, just follow @stephack guide in post #11.