Announce temperature

Can anyone tell me if its possible using rule machine to have it announce the temperature of my aeotec 6 mulisensor when the temperature changes but it changes by a degree not .degree?

I have it setup now and it works fine but i only want it to announce it when it changes from say 14 deg to 15 degrees not 16.44 -> 16.45

Is this possible at all?


Could make a global variable and set it to the temp. Then compare it to the temp when the difference is GE 1 or LE 1 and at that point reset the variable to that temp.

Something like this:

Hall_Temp is a global variable I defined and initialized to zero so the first time you save the rule you can reload it and hit Run Actions and it will set the initial value and it will message you and then it would do so after that. You could of course then add other rules for time of day restrictions etc but that's the basics.

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Thankyou, ill give this a try . im pretty new to using rule machine after migrating from ST but ill have a go and try this.

Thanks very much

Ive just set this up but it still tells me 26.4 degrees rather than a change of temp to the degree like from 26 -> 27 degrees.

Does this work for you and only notify you when theres a change of temp to the degree?


I think there is a small typo in tivo's rule. I think the first condition in the 'if' statement should be Hall_temp - 1.0 and not Hall_temp +1.0. In the example above you want to get notified when the actual temp is less than 75.9 - 1 = 74.9 or above 75.9 + 1 = 76.9,

Edit: To get round numbers you'd have to initialize the Hall_Temp to a round number first (like 23.0), then the rule would only enunciate round numbers. However, it would still be possible to get off by a decimal. For instance, if your temp value is 23.0 and the actual temp goes from 23,1 to 22.9 then your new temp value would be with a .9. If your reporting device does not jump more than .1 then you should be OK and the round numbers will stay.

OK thankyou. How do I go about initializing the temp sensor to a round number first?


In RM there is an area to 'create global variable' in there you can set the initial value.
New global variable: Hall_Temp, type: decimal, initial value: pick something close to the current temp and use xx.0.

Maybe, you can select type 'numeric' instead (which I believe should be integer type) and it will automatically just use whole numbers. I haven't used global vars so I don't know for sure, you'd have to see if that would work.

OK thankyou, I'll give that a try