Android Q(10) Support

Anyone test the Hubitat app on Android 10? It's supposed to be released tomorrow for Pixel devices and I am wondering if it will be supported since I am on a Pixel 2 XL.

Hey @raidflex

Don't go there, I brought that up about 3 weeks ago and was promptly slapped down. /s

In fact, I can't wait for it to be publicly released so I can then report that my presence is wackly (not that I am on the Beta 6 release or anything...)

Good luck

Well I could understand no support with beta releases's, but I hope that HE has at least been testing the app on Android 10 in preparation for the final release.

What happens with presence for you?

Well, If I was on Beta 6 (which i'm not /s), theoretically I would have issues with random leaving/arriving. Today it happened 3 times while I was out front mowing the yard. My geofence is set to about 1/5 mile

And in all fairness to Q Beta 5 and Beta 6, I was having the same exact issue before I ever upgraded off of Pie.

Sure hope they get this fixed real soon

Well, according to my logs, my wife left at 5:10pm and came back at 5:12pm

  1. She was here the whole time
  2. She is still running Android Pie (9)

IOW, it's not an Android 10 (formally known as Q) issue

Just out of curiosity, have you reported that to support?
(I have the same issue, so I went to "combined presence" with Life360 & wifi presence).

Several times... nothing came of it. I keep using L360 b/c this its so unreliable

It's really strange. Both the wife and I have Pixel 3a's, both running Pie, I'm in the HE mobile beta, she is not. We've had one missed event between us and that was because her phone was buried in the bottom of her purse. Other than that, it's been perfect.

My wife is on P2 XL, running Pie, on the HE mobile beta app
I'm on a P2, running Anroid 10, on the mobile beta app

Both phones act up 3-5 times per week
Batter optimization is off...

Like I said, it's strange. I don't understand the difference in performance.

I am using a Pixel 3aXL. I can't explain the following:

I was a longtime iOS user and moved to an Android phone in June, so I don't know much about Android. If anyone more knowledgeable than I can think of any phone settings that might affect presence sensing, I'd be more than happy to compare my setup. It's all about the greater good, after all.:smiley:

I just upgraded to Android 10 yesterday on my v1 Pixel XL. I'm a new hubitat user. Where do I find my presence?

Ah, I see, in my device list. Shows my Pixel XL but only shows me as having departed on Aug 31 and not returned. I was on Android v9 until yesterday and I've been home every day since coming in/out to walk the dog or go shopping. Guess the presence hasn't really been working for me at all on either Android v9 and now v10. My phone is v1 Pixel XL.

I opened the app on my Pixel XL. Looks like it thinks I live somewhere else. I can't get the GeoFence to zero in on my location. It knows where I'm at on the map when I hit the locate icon. But when I try to adjust the GeoFence it goes somewhere else in the USA completely. Not sure how this is supposed to work.k

Well I upgraded to Android 10 and so far it seems to be working but its only been 1 day, so I need to give it more time. It did however show I arrived and left at the correct times, and did stay present overnight while I was home.

My wife left once today, it logged that she left and returned 2 times when she didn't...

For me, it was correct today

Not sure if this matters.... I don't recall ever having it misbehave when we are away, it only seems to misbehave when we are home... at least it seems that way