Android presence sensor and assigning per user dashboards

I'm a new user and have a few questions about logins, presence detection, and per user dashboards.

Initially I didn't realized that in order to register a phone as a device you have to first create a new user via Then the first time a user logs in a device is created for their phone.

I was trying to create local users on the hub. Which I also found an issue with. I don't see a way to create additional local users via the Web UI, however the mobile app appears to allow you to? Now I'm not sure why or if you need other users under the local Hub security if you add them via the portal?

I have a notification setup to notify my phone (Android) when a door is opened. Initially I was receiving notices immediately, the something happened and my phone would only alert when I unlocked it. I spotted a post whereas the person logged out and back in on the app, although this worked for me, it's concerning. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Last but not least, how do you assign personalized dashboards to each user and/or device?

When I open the mobile app it lists all dashboards. For my wife and kids I'd like to assign one dashboard designed for their phones.



Just a general note on home automation - you say you're new here but not whether you're new to home automation. The best home automation is usually when you never need to open a dashboard or do anything - lights come on and go off via motion/contact/presence sensor automations, fans can turn on based on temperature or time and/or motion, and you never really have to think about it to enjoy it. I don't mean to assume anything, but if you're planning on giving them buttons on a dashboard to turn stuff on and off, they will grow weary of that process relatively quickly.

It's not that buttons aren't useful, they can be. My family has a penchant for them - so I give them to them via physical buttons/remotes near the devices (lights & fans usually) that they want to control. That ease-of access (don't need to get my phone, don't need to wake up my phone, don't need to find the Hubitat app and open it and go to my dashboard) is what will make this stuff stick w/them.

And If you are going to use dashboards on Android phones/devices, below is an amazing option - you can set it up on each family member's phone w/different setup. It's a great app.

The Android app looks interesting and might work for say a tablet in the house, however my automation needs are very simple. Three outside lights, door sensors, a couple outlets and 2 garage door openers. Although I'll be looking at setting up the garage doors to open on arrival, I still need dashboards for family members while away from the house for remote access and monitoring.

Which is why I'd like to know if I'm on track with my statements about logins, and how to setup customized dashboards for family members using the native dashboards before I move forward with other options.



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