Android Mobile Application Initial install Stuck at Terms(Bobby solved another one)

I have installed the Android app on a Verizon phone and was able to log into my account. Once logged in the application asks to confirm terms and conditions and will not let me go any further. I clicked the check box and it will not let me proceed.

Do you mind sharing the make and model of your phone and the Android version that it's running?

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Make is Kyocera
Model E6810
Android Version 7.1.2

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After logging into your account, the next prompt following the device creation is allowing location. Not sure what terms and conditions prompt is preventing you to move forward. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the prompt? You can send me a private message with your account, if you'd like me to further research.

Yes I log into my account then a screen pops up saying name your hub and enter zip code. I do both and can't go any further. I will share a screen shot a little later.

Oh, ok, you could resolve the problem by completing the hub registration using a browser instead of the mobile app.

If you don't know your hub's IP, go to then connect to your hub. Once you've accessed the hub, select Settings on the left menu, then Hub Details. Enter a hub name in the "Hub Name" field and the Zip Code in the Postal Code field, then click Save Settings. Once you've completed the registration the message in the mobile app should disappear.

That worked I am now able to use the mobile app.


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