Android Mobile App - error [C3]

Yesterday my Mobile app updated so I enabled notifications, geo-fencing to begin testing again...

Today I see this error in my log

Pixel 2
Android 11 fully patched
App v1.5.2


Thank you for your feedback. That error is not directly related to the mobile device, but rather the end result of another app that created the notification. You should have a "matching" error from the respective app that generated the error, with additional details of what caused the exception. You would need to troubleshoot that problem first.

W the latest 2 updates on Android, 1.5.1 & 1.5.2, the notification page has a spinning circle, NO updates displayed

Hey Bobby

It's coming from the mobile device, this is device #3453

I setup a basic Notification this morning to send a message to the above mobile device when I both come and go and I didn't get either, this error must be getting in the way


Likely some other app caused a fatal error. Please check your past logs, you should have more errors. Rebooting the hub from Diagnostic Tool would help, but I strongly recommend screening your logs to identify what else is throwing errors.

Past logs is where I got this one

Here is everything from the log
4083 is AlexaTTS Manager - just installed as I removed Alexa Speaks
3742 is HPM - wasn't able to uninstall Alexa Speaks so I removed it manually
3453 is the Mobile App device

I'll remove the mobile device and recreate it and see if the issue goes away


Edit: As of this morning, no errors after deleting and recreating the mobile app device