(Android) Hubitat Geolocation is slow

I have an Android phone -Pixel 3a

I would like the outdoor lights to turn on before I turn in my driveway. That is all setup, but it seems the presence sensor is slow.

I have the android app. It has permissions to view location data all the time, even when the app is closed. Geofence is enabled in the app, and on Android.

I have the hubitat range set to the max size allowed, so I'm in the zone for a minute or two before I arrive home, yet the lights are not on.

Typically, I park, then open the app and the lights turn on instantly, I just want this to be more automatic.

Anything I should look into to see why this is not automatic? Or should I buy a presence sensor such as the smartthings arrival sensor?

I hope you get this figured out. I do the same. I have a Lawn Lamp I have set to come on once presence is HOME. I use LIFE360 and the HE APP. I also have Android. Some days it works good others, I'm in the house before it triggers I'm home. Drives me crazy. I can even pull up the MAP on the app and see I'm in the GEOFENCE area and have been. Sometimes it will say I'm in the GEOFENCE Area and other time it doesn't. I know the App is new and buggy. I'm sure HE will get this figured out.

I ended up added an RULE that if last Lock Coded entered was XX then make presenece Arrived. That's works great but not really what I'm looking for.

I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to phone operating systems or apps (I just switched to Android in June), so I can't offer a magic fix for those that are experiencing problems with geofencing. But because geofencing works great for me and @tel0004 and I have the same phone, I thought I'd post some of the settings from my phone I think might be pertinent.

Google Pixel 3a- Android 10, Build QP1A.191105.003

Hubitat App Settings:

		Physical Activity
	Mobile Data & WiFi
		Background Data- ON
		Unrestricted Data Usage- ON
		Not Optimized

Phone Settings:
	Network & Internet
		Data Saver- OFF
		Battery Saver- OFF
		Adaptive Battery- OFF
		WiFi & Bluetooth Scanning
			WiFi Scanning is on, Bluetooth scanning is off
			Google Location Accuracy- ON

My wife and I both have Pixel 3a's. The HE app, Life360, and Alexa, all register arrivals and departures within 10 seconds. The only missed event comes when my wife has her's buried in her purse.

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Similar setup, and no issues with geofencing using the exact same three apps (HE, Life360, Alexa).

I've a much older phone - original Google Pixel, but also with Android 10. The only differences in my settings and yours is that I have Data Saver turned on. However, Hubitat, Alexa, and Life360 have unrestricted data access turned on.

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I'm having the same issue. I have a rule set to turn on a light when its after dusk and I arrive in the geofence. Fifty percent of the time it works great, the other fifty I can be home for 10 minutes before the light turns on. I think the app is falling asleep. When I see this happen and go into the app, within seconds the light goes on. Maybe coincidence? Just thought I would add my two cents.

I ended up having to use presence governor to combine more Geo location events to have Geo fencing work reliably