Android App device list errors

Something happened to the Device list on my android phone. When I open the Devices list, the devices do not show and at the top I have a room listed (Garage) with a down carat to the right. The carat will toggle but it doesn't change anything. If I go to the dashboard, all devices show and are operational. The garage has 1 door lock, a tilt sensor and a contact closure device. It also has a Z wave repeater. Anyone have any ideas? Also all my software is up to date and the Hubitat app on my PC is working fine

The "Devices" tab in the app only shows devices that are assigned to a room, and beyond that, only devices with a "switch" capability (on/off). "Rooms", still primarily an organizational construct with no real functional use, was introduced about the same time as this tab in the app - expect we'll see more added in the future as the Hubitat engineers flesh out the use cases

Thanks - I will go thru the list and assign rooms... Just curious - is this a new development or has it always been that way?

AFAIK always been this way...