Android App Cant FInd Hub

New User here so be patient, i set up a new C7 hub yesterday, the hub picked up a DHCP address, i was able to get it set up with a few basic things using a browser, i also verified my phone app could connect.

I changed the hub to a static IP along with the appropriate other network stuff. I can browse into it from all my computers, I can browse into it from my phone which is on WiFi using a browser just fine.

This segment of the network is flat 192.168.10 with nothing special or exotic. I verified the phone is on the same network and thats its using an IPV4 address in this cast.

The app only wants to connect to the address it first saw

i have tried to use the advanced find hub and it just spins forever.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I cleared the cache in Chrome, i rebooted the phone.

I feel like i need to first remove the old hub setting first but i cant see where to do that at.

Thanks in advance ..

@AlarmProGuy It's your DNS settings in your static ip. Set them to, (even if they look like they're they're, they're not). Once you do that do a platform update (settings, check updates). After that check and see if it's there. Reboot hub if not.