Android API server?


Hi there.
Android TV boxes, android USB sticks these days are very inexpensive.
Recently I found Fully Kiosk browser Android App which does great support for the JSON Rest API for a bunch of Android API services, like TTS or access to all devices remotely.

I'm wondering to be able to have sort of Hublink but with android device. To push/pull data from them. With number of Android apps the sky os a limit only...
Any Android device can be converted to powerful multimedia/server/trigger/actuator etc

Node red can be installed.
Even Hubitat app installed on my TV able to show push messages and speaks TTS just via simple REST GET call

Do you know any other solutions, like Maker API, but for Android?


Look at tasker.


I've found termux + node red...
They run on Android like a charm...
Very impressed