Andersen Connect / Verilock

Has anyone got the Andersen Translator to work with HE? I'm looking to order 40+ door/window sensors from Andersen and from their documentation, all I need is a translator to send it back to HE.

From the site andersenwindows . com / andersenconnect-selfmonitoring.html

  1. Your smart windows and patio doors send out a signal.
  2. The signal is sent to the Andersen translator.
  3. From there, the signal is sent to a bridge via Z-wave® technology.

Anybody got this to work?

I found ST handler. Not sure how to port this over to HE though. Help!

Translator: SmartThingsPublic/verilock-translator.groovy at master · erocm123/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub

Child Device/Sensors:

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