AND Rules

Looking for an example of how to do AND instead of OR with rules? I have read that you can only do "OR" with rules but I'm sure there's a way to combine multiple conditions?

For my example, I'm looking for presence detection to determine when everyone is away from Home. I'd like to then lock the doors, close the garage door etc. If I setup a rule currently and list everyone in my conditions it is "OR" as I'm sure everyone here is aware. What's the workaround logic? :slight_smile:


There was quite a lengthy discussion on the whole AND/OR question a few months ago. You can't really get AND into the setup of multiple triggers but I would expect you could select multiple people / presence devices in the one condition. I'm not in front of a PC at the moment, but could take a look later if you are still stuck.

That's right, I did forget to mention there would be other apps that would also assist in achieving what you want

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Here you go... Just remember that TRIGGERS are not conditions. Triggers are simply what wakes up the rule and causes it to run. CONDITIONS are used to implement logic to determine which ACTIONS will be run.


Thanks everyone .. this gives me options and appreciate it.