And here comes another "standard" wireless protocol

The irony is I have purchased more Iris devices since moving to Hubitat than I owned while using Iris (Alarm only)
There is another small company supporting the V1 stuff but I've not kept track of them and not sure how "real" they are (Systronics RF)


The chances of Amazon being more successful than Lowe's at developing and selling their own home automation platform.

  • A lot less likely
  • Less likely
  • About the same
  • More likely
  • A lot more likely
  • At least 5x more likely

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LoRaWAN is hitting those kinds of ranges on battery. Is this a variation on LoRaWAN modulation?

It depends on the message rate. If you are in deep sleep all but one message a day, it may last that long.

Amazon has the benefit of wide adoption of Alexa already. That's by no means a guarantee of success, I think they're up against the current anyway, but they're at least more likely to be successful than Lowes who never really marketed Iris to begin with.

On the other hand, if to use the new devices requires a new Alexa that's a pretty large hurdle coupled with a new protocol.

Meh. I wish I could agree. But experience says that Amazon will eat the cost for a few years while they slipstream the new protocol/radio into their product line, offering enhanced Alexa experiences with "add-on" sensors, and people will flock to buy these new Alexa devices as "upgrades" thing you know, they own the market.

It'll be interesting to see how it goes. It looks like a "Moonshot" to me.


One of the different aspects of this network is that it is forming a mesh between different users. So your node might act as a repeater for another users devices. If I’ve interpreted that correctly. That as a range enhancer and also to offer some WAN opportunities is interesting, perhaps with an Internet bridge. Security and bandwidth issues aside.

I’m sorry? With what do you disagree? It’s not clear to me.

:wink: they never specified how large the battery would be!

Ahhh....yes we shall just make the entire door a self contained contact sensor, no need for a small little device. :joy::rofl:

Sad part in 10 years this may actually be more realistic than I think the market start selling a door being an all in one contact/lock/motion/temp/humidity/illuminace/etc all in one sensor.

..and a hub... we can never have too many hubs!...which of course will have a new standard!

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Don't forget integrated video doorbell as well.



Sarlacc sold separately?

I do assume that the next Ring Security system version will have a sarlaac alarm and AI doorbell similar to above. :grin:

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Sorry Doug, I guess I was really agreeing with you, but disagreeing that the new devices requirement plus new protocol would actually engender a significant hurdle...

I knew what I meant! LOL. Sorry for not being clearer.


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Heh, I thought it looked like we were agreeing. :smiley: