An annoyance with the Mouse Click and tab

I haven't done much testing on this - so this could possibly be just a localized error to myself. I'm using Firefox on Win10. I do have some adware filters running.

As I create things - the tab and mouse click don't accept on the first click. I have to click twice. and pressing tab does not take me to the new value field.
For example - (and it's not specific to the Motion app, it happens all throughout things like rules, apps etc... ) if I select a device from a drop down pick list, and click 'update', I expect the cursor to automagically go to the next field. But it doesn't. So I click my cursor on it and it turns to a red underlined field... and still my keyboard keys don't enter - I have to click a second time to get the field active. Tabbing is also elusive - I can tab, like within a PDF and move fields but once I change the order or add/remove fields to a page, HE gets confused and looses focus. I don't know if this is an AJAX thing, a Java thing or what but it has been a big bugaboo with me since day 1! Does anyone else experience this? Can you explain it better!?!?!