Amcrest/IP Cam control

Thanks for the above, has anyone tried to set an HTTP motion alert from the camera, or from Amcrest's surveillance pro software using Maker API to capture it and activate a virtual motion device?

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That's the only thing I want from my Amcrest cameras and I haven't figured out a way to do that other than using Tasker or Home Assistant so I am following this thread......

Right now they’re running through surveillance station on a Synology NAS which then sends the HTTP to Hubitat, I am not hopeful about getting the cameras to send it directly, but can’t hurt to ask. Lots of folk here smarter than I am on this stuff

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@stephen_nutt @eabyrd1506

Apparently this has all been done.
Many thanks to @rob121 who has put together a neat way to generate endpoint from Amcrest cameras to RM of Hubitat (via a RPI).


Thanks! I'll take a look at this during the upcoming weekend.

It looks like it is similar method that I do currently using Tasker and notifications; it just uses email.

I must admit that I'm a neophyte on linux, and the instructions are somewhat sparse. I haven't got it working yet, but I'm working on it.
Also, the email interface on the Amcrest cameras is something that I use already - so adding another address on the "To" line, is very elementary.

While I was hoping to find / develop a direct amcrest app/driver I have not had time to do so. I have setup blue iris and have been very impressed with it as well as its integration with Hubitat..... I do wish however it came in a Linux flavor a d dependant on windows...

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