Ambient Weather Temp Sent to a Virtual Device

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Is it possible to create a virtual device that just reports on one attribute of another device? I have an Ambient Weather Station with many attributes and just want a device to report on Temperature and Humidity. Also, I use the Sharptools Dashboard currently and the Ambient Weather Device does not seem to be compatible with them.

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Is your ambient weather station already reporting into the hub?

Yes it is.

Create a virtual humidity sensor
Create a virtual temperature sensor
Follow the rule below but change the target device to your desired sensor, and the trigger to temperature or humidity. Use a custom action, and %value% as a string.
If it isn't working post logs, sometimes the custom actions are finicky...


Could you please tell me how you have Ambient Weather reporting to your Hub? Thank you!

From your Ambient Weather Dashboard account page click on your profile logo (top right of page) that opens up the API key down at the bottom. If one's not already created you can create one there as well.

Then Install this driver [PROJECT] Driver for AmbientWeather API into your "drivers code" section of Hubitat. Then create a virtual device and assign it that driver and click save device.

The device details page will then have sections to fill in your API key and Mac Address and such then walla it should be sending data within minutes.

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Thanks! it's working great!


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