Ambient Weather Hubitat integration stopped pulling updated data today 2/11

Anyone using the Ambient Weather integration with Hubitat with this driver start seeing issues today 2/11 ?

I am seeing no data refreshed, but can see that the Ambient Weather website is updating from my PWS. I have tried a new API key and Application key in the driver code just in case. Went as far as restoring my Hubitat back a day when it was working to still be in the same situation.

Yes, same here. I think it showed my last update was around mid day on 2/11.

I've updated my driver to make sure that wasn't the problem, and I just saw on the Ambient Weather website they posted a message saying 'We've identified an issue causing graph data to run behind.'... So maybe it is related and will resolve itself.

Hope it is soon, I have several automations using outdoor temp and light.

I checked on mine and while the API is responding it is responding with null data. This has happened with them a few times in the past when they have server issues or are doing some maintenance. It usually gets fixed within 24hrs.

Not much we can do from our side. If you have a station that allows the local method or an Ecowitt Gateway you should be OK.

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I switched to local and all is well. Thanks for confirmation that Iā€™m not totally nuts..

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