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Not true, the Application requires and Application key as well and the device ask for nothing but does not work. I do not know why every weather device fails. Ambient Weather, ApiXU, Dark Sky, SmartWeather, Weather Underground. None work at all. I get no values for anything. They are just not connecting. I just need something to work. This is ridiculous!

Yes, applications do need an Application Key but what I meant is that any driver someone has already made likely has an Application Key already built in. For example, my Ambient driver does.

If you are referring to an API Key, yes, they all require one. Some services it is free, some require you to have their weather station, and some are paid.

However, if none of the weather systems are working for you there is a bigger problem. I am most familiar with Ambient but do know a bit about Weather Underground. Both are expecting you to have your own weather station reporting to them. Weather Underground will accept Ambient stations sending data to them to get you an API Key for your account. Ambient itself requires an account and your system's MAC Address to get the API Key.

What weather station do you have? If none... There is the built-in OpenWeather driver or a few other services.

Hello Ambient Weather Community. I recently upgraded from Ambientweather.groovy to the newer AmbientEcowittWeather.groovy driver (0.6.9). I am seeing the following error in the logs quite frequently (sometimes 25-30 times per day):

2020-09-28 12:11:42.126 pm errorjava.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 on line 528 (GetAmbientWeather)

Just wanted to verify if this is normal or not. Everything seems to be working ok. I am using a Ambient WS2902 weather station.
Thanks in advance for any help.

You can ignore it. It is due to an odd response that sometimes comes back so it is not parsing an entry quite right. It gets the overall data for the system though. For some reason it does not happen on mine, and does not appear consistently for most.

The next version of the driver should have a fix in for it.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Appreciate the info.

Just downloaded and installed the Ambient Weather Device driver found here.

Once I got both the Application Key and API key from my profile on and went through the configuration it worked great and gives simple Temp, Humidity, Wind Speed and Wind Direction on the standard Weather tile template.

I am interested in getting this (and everything else) to where it doesn't rely on the internet. If I'm reading correctly there's an Ecowitt device that let's this happen?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. As I get more comfortable with Groovy and the Hubitat I'll try and contribute to some development projects and probably start a couple of my own.

There are a couple Ecowitt-supporting drivers available through the community and they work quite well at obtaining the data from the Ecowitt gateway.

You would want to look at the Ecowitt GW1000.

Does the Ecowitt Gateway take the place of the WS-2902 display, or can they both receive the sensor data at the same time? I'm assuming the Gateway will pick up the sensors from the outdoor portion of the WS-2902?

They can both receive the data at the same time and will not interfere with each other. I have that exact setup, although I have added a couple sensors specifically to the GW1000 (a PM2.5 and a soil sensor).

The main thing with the GW1000 was figuring out where to place it. It plugs directly into a USB port for power so I had to find a decent spot and not make it hugely obvious.

Off the rails.... Bye bye thread.

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