Ambient Weather Device


It's not showing in the driver. Something I need to do? Refresh is giving an error in the log. I tried pasting over with the latest code. Will try fresh install.

dev:29282019-05-04 01:39:39.628 am errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null on line 54 (refresh)

dev:29282019-05-04 01:36:16.098 am errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null on line 54 (refresh)


I'm not getting that error


I deleted and reinstalled. All good now. Thanks again. :v:


ok !


Working great. Just wonder if you happen to know what the difference is between pressure and indoor pressure? The outdoor sensors I have only measure temp/humid/wind/rain. Barometric pressure comes from the indoor temp/humid/pressure sensor.


Pressure is the outdoor reading


The "pressure" number reflects the relative pressure Ambient Weather dashboard is showing (mostly) :wink:. Is that an absolute pressure reading?



That's the outdoor pressure.

Indoor pressure is calculated via Ambient Weather Station software. It's NOT calibrated at all.


Odd that they would calculate the pressure indoor when that's where they're measuring it. :thinking:


Don't ask me... Acurite does the same damn thing. I was told that the sensor they should be using is to big for the tiny board and so most WS companies use a calculation for indoor pressure.

Personally I think it's stupid.



There is a serious flaw I discovered. In order to change the refresh rate you have to go through the entire setup again which causes a DNI conflict.

I will move that to the child device driver instead because that's where it should be in the first place.


If anyone wants to try this BETA code out..

I have fixed some issues and added many attributes to the Ambient Weather Device.

I moved the refresh rate from the parent to the child device which is the proper place to have it.

There are some quirks still that I have to fix but nothing that will break your hub or slow it down. I have been running this same code for a week now with no issues.

Thanks goes to the original coders !!


There is no "flaw" in his code, this app has worked without a single error or "changes needed" for over a month now.


There is a flaw. If you want to change the refresh rate you have to go through the whole setup and install again and that produces a DNI error and that also will kill any refresh update you made. That is a flaw.


Sorry, never experienced ANY errors......There is no need to change the refresh rate, Ambient Weather doesn't allow unlimited calls to their API, the amount allowed is restricted to not overload their servers. Why would you push the limit to where they end up doing like Weather Underground did, and totally revamping/eliminating their "free API" because you couldn't wait the 4 extra minutes?

FYI, Mine is set at 1 minute refresh rate and has been for a month, and have had NO errors, you're more than likely experiencing your errors because of everything you've added is exceeding their call limits...


WOW some people DO change refresh rates for what ever suits them. Just because YOU don't make changes doesn't mean EVERYONE is LIKE YOU.


It's not about me, it's about what Ambient Weather allows, which you obviously aren't in compliance with from the changes you've made, as it worked perfectly until you've made your additions.


So you looked and understand groovy code ? Point to where my code breaks Ambient Weather data refresh at.


The point to where it worked before your additions.....


And still same question where is my code broken at ? That's what I thought.... don't know.