Amazon Smart plug integration

Anyone know how to get the Amazon smart plug (WiFi) working with the Hubitat?
For the time being id rather not invest in some more zwave smart plugs if I dont have to!

Also, any ideas for the best bang for buck zigbee/zwave UK plugs?


TKB TZ69E (with power metering)

TKB are a decent reliable brand with decent firmware, base hardware is the same as that used by Philio, Devolo, Hauppauge, POPP and many others.


Ikea Tradfri (no brainer @ less than 10 notes each, but no local control)
SmartThings 2019 (power metering, new version doesn't suffer from the supposed issues of the previous version)
Innr - worth a mention as they are currently 40 for a pair on Amazon, while they don't do power metering they are ZigBee 3.0 so are flexible in where they can work (ZHA under Hubitat / SmartThings or ZigBee 3.0 under a Hue Bridge for example)

There's cheaper to be found for both Z-Wave and ZigBee if you scrape the no-name Chinese brands, just not sure how much faith I'd put in them from a safety perspective ..... I've cracked a fair few of them open in the past and been horrified!

All personal opinion of course, I've got friends that swear by their Xqyifpzaui devices for $8 from Ali :slight_smile:

if You decide to go that way, you can use a special virtual motion sensor the shows up as a motion sensor on Alexa and a Switch on HE. When you turn the virtual switch on you will simulate a motion sensor activating in the Alexa app. So you then just make a routine so when that motion sensor turns on, your switch turns on. However, the virtual motion sensors as a switch is better as a trigger, because it turns back off after a few seconds. I don’t know why, it’s just the way it behaves. So you would also need a second motion sensor as switch and a second routine to turn the switch off. Then you would have to create a rule to flip each one of those with another Virtual Switch.

If you want to try, even without having the out let on hand, you can see what’s involved by just controlling a virtual switch. Here’s the custom driver you’ll need.

It works, but you can see how complex it gets just for a plug. And it’s a cloud based outlet. Have to agree. Stick with Zigbee and Zwave.

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