Amazon Sale On Sylvania Zigbee plug


Saw this morning, Amazon is having an almost half off on Sylvania products including their Zigbee plug. Check it out if you need one.

Sylvania Smart Home 72922 Sylvania LIGHTIFY Smart Plug, 1 Pack, White

Sold by: Services, Inc



But more expensive in larger quantities . . .



Tempting, and I've had good luck with them on the zigbee network. But I'm going to wait for 10 Iris 3210-L2's for $50 on ebay, heh.


These didnt repeat properly for my HB fan controllers. Others have reported issues with them as repeaters.


I had bought one two weeks ago, paired without a problem and works great for me


Also on lights too


The forum runs about 50/50 on this, From what I can gather from the xbee guys here who can map their mesh, the later versions are ok as repeaters. I know I used recent versions as a repeater to get out to my garage and they seem to work well.


A lot of the discussions too were specifically around using them as repeaters for the xiaomi devices. It’s been a while since I talked about them but I know the non -A model works as that is what I was using.

I could never get a definite answer if the other model worked with the xiaomi devices nicely but they were confirmed to also be repeaters.

That being said, if you have xiaomi devices the best repeaters I have ever had are the ikea plugs. The iris outlets caused problems, sylvania outlets worked ok. Ikea works perfectly.


I recently purchased some of these, and they filled in areas that I was having trouble getting coverage in. They are limiting to 3 per customer.


Is this not a better deal? I'm thinking on buying to get updates. I have some Lightify bulbs that act funny.
I am about to pull the trigger, hoping this will enable updates. Should I? If not, I've heard that ST will enable updates. I hate to, but may buy an ST hub, if it is the better option.


As a warning I can confirm that the listing says 72922 but they will send you 72922-A. The -A model is probably better or cheaper to manufacturer or both than the older model. Unfortunately, I can also confirm that it will cause Xiaomi devices to drop out of your network even though it's probably not their fault. They go by the spec and Xiaomi doesn't.

I bought one of these from Amazon and it was a -A and it always causes the Xiaomi Cube in my theater to drop out. Even though it's probably not their issue Sylvania did tell me they would look into the problem and let me know if they would do anything. That was at least 6 months ago. I've decided not to buy any more Xiaomi devices in the meantime (or Sylvania) (or Zigbee actually).


Right, I think think the issues posted previously in the forum likely involve failure with Xiaomi. My zigbee mesh is primarily Jasco, Iris, & Sylvania 72922-A and the 72922-As seem to work fine, both as switched outlets and repeaters.



I do not get power reporting on my 72922-A, though. I'm using 'generic zigbee outlet'.


I got two of them!
I do like them.
They are a better form factor than my Ikea Tradfri's in my opinion.


Interesting Reddit about Peanut plugs vs Tradfri's:ådfri_outlets_yellow/


I ordered 3, 1 showed up, 2 still in transit...
BUT... the one I have is not immediately pairing: Is there a "reset" feature or other hints about how to get it to pair?
I plugged it it, pushed the button, put my HE into pairing mode. No joy.


Never mind! I found a post elsewhere that told me to hold the power button until the light blinks. Since there was no indication in the rather sparse documentation that I should hold the button, I hadn't held it for long enough!

This thing shouldn't need much more documentation than what it came with, but it would be helpful to have a single sentence to the effect of "Enter pairing mode by holding the button until the light blinks."


That's part of the problem with zigbee and z-wave stuff.
They expect you to know or maybe there's online documentation... Maybe...

I just do every combination of pressing, holding, holding while plugging in, holding while inserting battery I can imagine and eventually something works...


My plugs have the instructions on the back of the plug.


Ha! You're right. It is right there in microprint. I had to pull out my stronger readers to be able to read it. The one little sentence that I needed, camouflaged among the FCC warnings!