Amazon Echo Skill, not liking voice command on 2 devices

i just added 2 generic component switches (part of a 2 button wall switch)
to the alexa echo skill app...
they show up in the ALEXA iOS app, and i can control them, aka turn lights on and off

but when i say, "Alexa, turn on Carsons Fan Light"
it responds "Doesn't support that"

yet i got others, that work just fine!

FW in hub is (C5)

try taking the word "fan" out of device name

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i cant control the mural lights... so doubt fan is it... but wont hurt to try

and keep in mind, they all show up in the ALEXA app on my phone and are fully controllable

I have 8 echo dot v2 scattered about the house. There are some phrases that we commonly use on the kitchen one that simply will not work on at least 2 other dots. This is when the command is voiced by the same person. Then, when retried by that person less than a minute later for the same target device on the kitchen dot, the command works fine. I've written this off as an Echo quirk.

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I cannot get alexa to turn the lounge or computer on, whether connected directly to Alexa or via hubitat unless I change the names and then create groups in alexa and call them lounge and computer

Same. I've run across quite a few words that Echo seems to have on an unpublished? 'reserved' list. Some of them are common room or smarthome terms. FOr instance, my Echos do not like 'den' or 'heater', which has been a real PITA.

turns out it doesnt like "carson"

if i change it to just "Fan Light" it gets confused as to which fan light
and it asks me which one... and its NEVER happy with my answer
(as i really dont know how to answer, i say carsons, and it fails)

so... still something going on

im so pissed

i can change it to "x fan" and say turn on x fan, and it works
but not the name of my child

Rename your child X, job done


Maybe It's something with having "Carson" twice in the device. For experimental purposes try renaming the parent device, to Kid 1 light, or just for giggles try misspelling his name Karsen.
I know with google, it doesn't like certain terms. I named my light "free speech" and when I say turn on free speech, Google says "sorry i can't do that"

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ha... WAIT... not a bad idea :slight_smile:

its happy with my name,,, just not "Carson"
maybe it thinks "Carson" is some device... like a Car (auto)

are you sharing "Carsons Lights" to Alexa? or are you sharing "Carsons Fan Light" and "Carsons Mural Lights" to Alexa?

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no, im saying "Alexa, Turn on Carsons Mural Lights"

its almost like it thinks "Carson" is some Device itself

i've had that issue with the order of the command before. try saying "Alexa, turn [device] on/off" and see if it responds better

not sure what you mean, on your try saying example

yes... as i stated they show up in the ALEXA app on iphone... so alexa knows about them

Oops, i used <> to bracket the word device and it hid it. Fixed it using []

AH... nope... Alexa says, "Doesn't Support that"

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