Amazon Echo skill loses connectivity

Amazon Echo dots work fine normally. Recently, after 4-7 days using voice commands through echo dot Alexa tells me the device is not responding. Same voice command through Google MINI works fine. Rebooting the habitat appears to resolve the issue. Any idea what might be causing this? Have even gone as far as removing all devices, disabling the skill, re-enabling the skill , and re-adding all devices.

Do you have this turned on in the Echo Skill app?

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This issue has been experienced by one other user. And I know that Hubitat engineering was looking into it. Tagging @gopher.ny so becomes aware that there's a second user with the same issue.

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Just wanted to tag on and report that I am experiencing this as well. Local LAN link is working fine and so is the cloud link.

I do.

Was there ever a solution? This is still happening at my house. A simple hub reboot fixes the problem, but it always stops working when my wife, not I, am at home. Also, it's annoying. I've discovered that the "Dashboards" connection in my Hubitat app will say "No Devices Connected" when I am experiencing this problem. I am however able to go through "Tools" and "Connect to Hub" to access the hub and reboot/use the dashboards. This is a recurring problem and looks like the two are connected.

I was having some strange issues occuring with my Alexa hubitat skill in relation to my motion sensors...

Without any clear explanation, an hour ago everything started working again. I'm hoping your issue is resolved now also...

Not that I've found. I've taken to pulling the power on my hubitat every Saturday afternoon and it's usually good for another week. Super annoying.

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. My hub never loses its Alexa connection. I guess I am one of the luck ones.

Just be aware that physically pulling the power cord from your Hubitat hub can cause two issues. First, if you're using a C5 or C7 hub, the microUSB power connector on the hub can eventually fail from repeated mechanical stresses on it. Always best to unplug the power supply from the wall outlet to avoid this issue.

Second issue is that powering the hub down in this manner can lead to a corrupted database. Having a corrupted database can lead to additional problems with the hub. It is always recommended to go into the Hub's Settings, and the select the Reboot Hub menu option. This will ensure the hub is rebooted in a safe manner to prevent any issues with its internal database.

Note: Some folks simply schedule their hub to reboot automatically, using a community "Hub Rebooter" App. This is also a safe way to reboot the hub once a week to ensure the Alexa Skill remains connected properly. Just be sure to not schedule such a reboot during the Hub's regularly scheduled automatic backup and maintenance window of time. This is usually at ~2am.

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