Amazon Echo "I'm not quite sure what went wrong" issue

I am continuing to have issues with the Amazon Echo integration. 100% of the time When I issue a command to turn on or off the Lutron Fan Switch I get the familiar message "I'm not quite sure what went wrong". The device responds properly to the command but Alexa gripes. About 70% of the time changing speeds it does it. I also have the same message occasionally when I have her turn on my Singled light strips but only on soft white (I know, weird). I have the latest HE version (Updated today), same issue. When I start a telnet session directly to the Lutron hub the responses coming back are instantaneous, no lag at all. I have removed the Lutron device from the Alexa integration and back in, same thing. I have toggled the Alexa "Don't wait for a response" switch, same thing. I have seen multiple threads out there but there never seems to be a solution. Am I missing something?

I'm also having the issue with my Hampton Bay fan. The associated light seems to work without any issues. Interesting that both of us are having the issue with our fans. Mine started after I'd upgraded to the then-current version a couple of month's ago or so. It is hurting my WAF so any comments by the community are welcome.

Glad to hear that I am not alone.... I wonder if this is a widespread problem or something isolated to my setup. It's been going on for a while now and I have tried everything that I can think of, to narrow it down. I think that it is the Amazon Echo integration that is causing the problem.

I just set up my Hampton Bay fan on Hubitat for the first time ever today. I only get Alexa saying this when turning the fan off. So I guess +1 for me. Though I think Alexa skills are very fickle. My Roku TV worked fine for years. And all of a sudden within the past month, when I ask Alexa to set the TV volume, she says she doesn’t know what went wrong, despite the volume being set appropriately.

Came here searching for this issue and found this thread. Anyone have any other updates/suggestions? I'm having the same issue, getting the "not sure what went wrong" when nothing actually went wrong. I'm using Lutron fan/dimmer switches. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I have not found a solution. I have it intermittently now and I cannot find a common cause. It still has the issue quite regularly with the Lutron fan controller. It is an annoying problem......

I believe the issue is caused by sharing a device with Alexa that she does not have a native skill installed for. She is able to request the command get accomplished but does not get acknowledgement of the success. I get this with the bond device because I share it with Alexa but have no loaded the bond skill on Alexa.