Amazon echo going off every morning test test test

cannot figure this out.. 2nd morning in a row.. it doesnt appear to be coming from the hubitat but i did change to using echo speaks from the old alexa tts a few days ago.. so this is suspect..

you can see the speaker did notice that do not disturb turned off at that time..

also nothing showing as happening in the alexa app


Is it just three "test" words in a row?
That has to be something you've done in the past, right??
Did you forget to remove a line of debugging somewhere along the way?
EDIT: Is it at the same time each morning?

yep test test test..

but if it was something i did in hubitat it would show in the device logs that spoke.. it.. nothing.. and i never had any other home automation systems.. very weird..

as for the same time not sure.. i think it was earlier yesterday.. i will keep further track of it.. today was at 10:26

Are there any logs on the Amazon side? Like maybe the mobile app?
I'm still stuck trying to integrate echo speaks... so hopefully someone else will chime in here.

Look at the inuse by and check all of those rules

again if it was coming from hubitat the device would show as follows from events.. and there is no such entry so dont belive it is from hubitat so checking rules would be fruitless

Any other alexa integrations besides hubitat?
Cards? etc?

just a few routines directly in the alexa app, but again nothing like this and as shown above the alexa is not showing any activity at that time as well.

i am going to pay more attention tomorrow assuming it will be the same time and see if it is just that one speaker or all of them.. if just that one i will disconnect it and install a different echo.. it is an older tall gen 1 so a little weird to pair it. it is also weird that some spken command dont work on it like my routine for find my phone, or turn on the tesla climate etc.

at least its at a reasonable time or not 5 in the ffing morning .. waf is already strained and if it was that early it would be out the door!

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I mean the IN USE BY at the bottom of each echo device page... Just something to double check is all

I know nothingg relevant and i checked in both hubs

same today.. all devices at 10:36

i had logging open from both my hubs at the time.. nothing relavent.. and again nothing in alexa app smart home activity

checked if Amazon hunches is disabled?

my next approach was to write a fancy rule that runs the minute before to dnd all devices then turns it off.

but i FODUND the culprit.. there was a routine that said everyday at 1036.. test test test

i did NOT write that routine and have not used the alexa app unitil after this started.. amazon support has no idea where it came from or when it was created either and also confirmed that when routines run now nothing is logged in activity (stupid)


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Can you create routines via voice command? Maybe someone did a test and then Alexa asked if you wanted to repeat it every day (and heard yes).

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ya maybe but i dont even know how you would ask to do a test via voice command.. ill have to experiement.. i will go back in my activity logs and see if isee anything.