Amazon Echo - Can't get current status from HE

I have a Sonoff R2 successfully installed in HE using most the most recent Tasmota. The device works perfectly in the HE Dashboard, including showing the current status (on or off).

I've successfully added this device to my Alexa Echo and can also turn it on and off using voice commands.

However... When I ask Alexa if the device is on, it says it's 'not supported by this device'.

Any ideas?


Also, the device has three capabilities:
capability "Actuator"
capability "Switch"
capability "Outlet"

I just tried my Tasmota plugs and i got the same response.

Same for the following;

ST zigbee plug
Any of the Zooz in wall switches I tried.
Hunter ceiling fan Controller

She does respond with my Schlage lock status.

Possible I am asking the wrong question??

That could be the case. At least I know I'm not crazy.

I tried a few variations."Is the device on?" "What's the status of the device?" etc. nothing seems to work.

Changed the thread title so that it is more likely that those that know how Alexa works sees this.


As far as I know, right now Alexa only responds to queries about contact sensors, locks, and thermostats (connected directly using manufacturer's skills). There may be hope. When asked if there is motion in the garage, she responds, "That's not supported, yet."


I edited it again, since the name of the device in question is “Amazon Echo.” Alexa is the AI voice assistant that can be accessed through Echo devices, and other Amazon devices like fire tablets, or the Alexa app on Android/iOS phones/tablets.



I don’t believe Alexa supports this feature. I remember for ST I wanted something like this and there was a custom alexa skill (as in you need your own aws account and have to host the lambda function yourself) someone wrote to do it. But I don’t believe it’s built in