Amazon Echo App doesn’t seem to transfer WiFi devices

How do I pull my WiFi devices into Hubitat?

Hubitat doesn't support Wifi devices. Only Zigbee and Z-Wave.

Welcome to the Hubitat Community! You can control Wi-Fi devices that are supported by Google Assistant with Google Assistant Relay, but there’s no status of the device state unless you can sync the state back to Hubitat by some other means such as IFTTT.

I modified the assistant relay to to make a get request and set a global variable. In the same rule I call a method in a custom driver and set an attribute to the value of the global variable.

At that point you can use that attribute any way you want.

You lost me, but it sounds awesome!

Basically I can get any response the assistant relay gives on the command line and send it to hubitat for feedback.

Cool. I’m not following how this is setup though. Can you illustrate? I haven’t used global variables for anything, so that’s probably my biggest gap in understanding how this works.

So i give a command to assistant relay.

The response is output in console.

At the same time the assistant relay makes a get request to an http endpoint set up in RM.

This endpoint sets a global variable in hubitat to the response from assistant relay. And then I have a custom action in that same rule that sends the global variable (the response from assistance relay) to a custom device I use to parse out if the response is something I want or not.

The result is I can use assistant relay to control my car. Then see output in hubitat. Info as well. Miles left to empty. Arw the doors locked. Is it running. Miles on odometer and such.

Nice. Maybe you and Dan would like to collaborate on a new version that has this built-in?

Hubitat does support LAN devices, which is what WiFi connected devices really are. Hubitat even has some native integrations like for Yeelights, which are WiFi based. Hubitat's Philips Hue and Lutron Caseta/RadioRA2 are also examples of LAN connected device integrations.

I agree Hubitat's support is somewhat limited for most WiFi switches, dimmers, and bulbs.

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Pull Requests are always welcome! :slight_smile:

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Lol I was actually going to see if I could add a websocket to it. Would make it trivial at that point I think.


Hubitat devices can show up in the amazon Alexa app when you add the Hubitat Alexa skill and authorize your HE devices.

But devices that you have linked to Alexa with other Alexa skills can’t be “transferred” or “pulled” into hubitat.