Leviton DZ15S-1BZ $34.99 CAD

As stated above. boxing deal of the day ending Dec 27th 12AM.

@Navat604 and others

If you have one or will be getting one, I would be interested in how deep it is.

I have a location where the contractor used a shallow electrical box due to studs so a normal GE ZWave/+ switch is just too deep so I keep looking for something that will fit

Thanks in advance

Edit: If I am reading the dimensions right, it appears to be 2.1" deep where the GE appears to be 1.9... ARRRRGH

I don't think I will get any Z-wave or zigbee switch anymore. Slowly moving to Lutron Caseta switches.

This is a great deal on these switches, too bad they didn't include the Dimmers on the sale, I'm still missing a couple...

I just measured one I have not installed yet and it is 1 3/8 inches deep...