Amazon Adding Contact and Motion Capability’s to Echo


Has anyone been able to get any routine working with Alexa, I have tried several different ways but every time I click save the routine it says there was a problem with this routine and it will not save.


Yes, Alexa Routines working fine here. Have you tried disabling the Hubitat Skill from wishing the mobile phone Alexa app, then remove the Amazon Echo Skill App within Hubitat. Make sure all Hubitat devices are then removed from within the mobile phone Alexa app. Afterwards, enable the Hubitat Skill within the mobile phone Alexa app, which automatically install the Amazon Echo Skill app on Hubitat. This was the process I had to go through to get the motion and contact sensors working properly within Alexa.


I'm having the same issue. The routines I previously setup with hubitat devices continue to work, but I can't add any new ones with hubitat devices. I am able to create a new routine that is time based so seems to be something with the hubitat devices.


It's not the Hubitat devices. There's a bug in the latest Alexa app update causing this.


ok any time frame on a fix?


All I know is that Amazon acknowledged the bug and said they're working on a fix.


Here is the thread from the Amazon forum describing this Amazon Alexa Routines issue.


New Alexa app available in the iOS App Store this evening which resolves the add a new Routine issue.


Yep iOS app is working fine now after update. Still no update for Android Damn Auto Updates I always tell myself to turn them off but never do now they are off. Has anyone tried using an older APK?


I thought it was an iOS 13 issue. Thanks


Update for Android Alexa App has posted which fixes the issue creating routines.