Amazon Adding Contact and Motion Capability’s to Echo


The part I don’t understand is how to create an Alexa routine that fires when the virtual switch is turned on, and then speaks a message.


You cannot use a virtual switch to trigger an Alexa Routine. You must use a virtual Contact Sensor or Motion Sensor as those are the only Smart Devices in Alexa that can trigger an Alexa Routine.

Here is an example of an Alexa Routine that is triggered by a Hubitat Contact Sensor on my Mailbox. Hope this helps.


Ok, I've got a basic Alexa routine setup, and it is speaking a message on ONE echo. I can't seem to find a way to select more than one Echo in a single Alexa routine. Am I missing something?

Do I really have to create separate Alexa routines to play my announcement on each separate Echo?


In the Alexa Routine select Messaging, play announcement. Then enter your text, hit next and it gives you the option to select the echo devices.


Yes, but Alea only allows me select one, not multiple, echo devices.


That's strange. When I get to that screen the default is all devices. Then I can select any one or several of them.

In your actions you are selecting messaging then announcement?


That was it!

I had selected "Alexa says", not "Messaging". With "Alexa says" only one device can be selected, but "Messaging" allows for all or any number of devices.

Thank you very much!


Sorry - i've added my ST multisensor to the alexa HE skill. How do I get her to answer if the door is open or closed ?


Assuming your ST Multi Sensor is showing up correctly in the Alexa App under DEVICES... you simply say “Alexa, is the ‘back door’ Open?” (Where back door is the name of your sensor in the Alexa App.


Nope, not in the devices page on Alexa, But is listed on the HE pages Alexa skill.
Probably something dumb like im in Aus and its not online for us yet. We dont even have geofence alexa app enabled here either.


Ah, yes...that makes sense. Sorry!


its always some dumb crap like that. Yet the irony is if I changed my amazon account back to the US it would work now. Meh, nothing I can't work around with some RM rules.


I have an existing rule similar to yours. I'm trying to add the action "open() on", and can't find the option to add that action. Where is that option? Here are the options I have, which one will give me the option of "open() on"


Use custom action