Amazon Adding Contact and Motion Capability’s to Echo


Sweet...yeah, those are what in the US we would call crank style. If they didn't have a motor you've have a hand crank to open or close them. Thanks.


Checking in to see where this is at - I've had ST for over 18 months, and am moving to HE. I got my Ecolink Tilt sensor connected, setup the skills on HE and Alexa app, only to find that the sensor isn't recognized as a device in the Alexa app. Previously I had a routine in Alexa that would announce when the garage door was opened or closed. From this thread, am I understanding that I won't have that same capability with HE directly, but will continue to require the use of ST to retain that capability?




@sgrayban - bummer, but thanks. HE likely to go on the shelf until this gets some priority.


You should look at echo speaks. It should allow you to do what you are after with a bit more work.


@cwwilson08, have you tried this? I've used similar apps on ST. Is this app code being installed on the HE, as opposed to ST?


There are two community options for Text to Speech on Amazon Alexa devices.

Alexa TTS - simpler, as it only supports TTS


Echo Speaks - more full featured, but somewhat more complicated to set up


And both of these require renewing a cookie every two weeks... is that right?


Yes, but both have automated methods of doing so.