Amazon Adding Contact and Motion Capability’s to Echo


I would like to know about contact and motion...but even more importantly, thermostat support. I had that when I had a Vera hub and do miss it now!


Any progress on this front?


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I am wondering if Hubitat can please share a status update on enhancing the Amazon Echo Skill to include support for Alexa’s recent Motion and Contact Sensor API? It has been over 3 months since Amazon released this feature. Quite a few Hubitat users would appreciate being able to trigger Alexa Routines via Hubitat contact and motion sensors.

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It's on the list, but frankly it isn't the highest priority. Pushing sensors to the cloud for Alexa to handle isn't our highest priority being a local automation focused platform.

Leviton WiFi device support?

If it was updated, would we/I be able to push a notification to my Echo saying a contact sensor has been opened?


Yes, you could trigger an Alexa Routine that could Speak a predetermined phrase, as well as interact with other Alexa Skills.


Thanks for the update @patrick. While I understand it may not be a high priority currently, I do feel it would enhance the Hubitat platform by being more feature rich with respect to Alexa integration. When users leave one platform and move to another, they miss these little things. I have never written an Alexa Skill, so I do not understand the effort to make this change. I would hope that it wouldn’t require a redesign, but rather just be an addition to what already exists. Hopefully this request makes it to the active development list sooner rather than later. Thanks for listening to my rambling.


Here’s how to do it with the capability from ST. You don’t need a ST hub. It’s a cloud to cloud to cloud solution. Needs Assistant Relay, but it’s surprisingly fast and very reliable, despite the need for ST cloud.


As an alternative, you could also just use the community-created Other Hub app and ST DTHs to "push" events from Hubitat to ST (and vice versa, though that won't matter just for this usage). For example, if you have a motion sensor on Hubitat, it can create a virtual motion device on ST. You can then use ST's more capable Alexa integration to choose this motion sensor as part of an Alexa routine (set up in the Alexa mobile app) that can do whatever, including speak the name of the device or location. It does less than the above solution but is sufficient for the purposes described in this thread.

Add me to the voices who hope the Hubitat skill supports this--I know it's a bit more cloud-focused than Hubitat usually is, but I view it as a way the cloud can enhance my automations, not rely on them. It would be nice to know, for example, when doors are opened without needing to resort to more expensive solutions like Sonos when I already have Echos throughout the house.

Ultimately, however, I really just hope Alexa soon natively supports third-party TTS solutions on demand for notification-type purposes. Then, Hubitat could just tell Alexa what to say directly, and all my logic can live in Hubitat. I'm not a huge fan of needing to set up Routines in the Alexa mobile app, but it's the closest I can get at the moment.


Totally understand your priorities, but I would also suggest that a little extra spit and polish on the Alexa integration might be a huge boon to folks coming from SmartThings who still need a little mobile access. The Alexa app is really pretty full featured. I know it'd go a long way toward increasing the WAF in my household.


Other Hub 2 is what I first tried with this setup, and while it worked, the delay was much too large. @keithcroshaw ‘s method with IFTTT instead of Assistant Relay was faster than with Other Hub 2 for this purpose, but it had a tendency to slow fairly significantly in a week of testing I did. Google Assistant Relay is the only one for me that has been consistently fast (considering the three cloud hops).

Anyway I offer that for an alternative, but would really like to see that functionality come to the Hubitat Alexa Skill as well. There's an Alexa developer post about it here. It requires Proactive State Updates, but that requires a migration to the updated Alexa Smart Home Skills API.

Easy for me to put together a couple of links to read here. Not being a developer, I haven't a clue how difficult this is to accomplish, or what kind of impact it might have on users of the existing Alexa Skill during a migration.


I'll put in a ticket for spit and polish... It would help if you would be a bit more specific :slight_smile:

We have plans to do this, but resources aren't infinite and development takes time. Lots of priorities and lots of work to do.

Our highest priorities are optimization and reliability along with adding local integrations. We continue to also "circle back" and update existing integrations to improve their reliability or enhance their capability.


What, you can't put that in a GitHub issue? :smiley:

Well, two things come to mind first:

  1. The sensors mentioned earlier in this thread.
  2. There's something about the Hubitat cloud/Alexa integration that isn't as smooth as SmartThings. Seems like Alexa waits for a response from Hubitat a little bit longer, blocking additional voice commands, and occasionally just gives up and says "the device is not responding" even though the command went through.

I can do location with Life 360 and push notifications from Pushover/Pushbullet/etc., but now that I've made the conversion to HE, I have a new priority - convincing my wife that this was a win. So far, it's a mixed bag. My local automations are quicker, and I was able to leverage your awesome Maker API to move my more complex automations into my own platform (built in .NET Core, gonna share it with the world really soon) and she's impressed with that, but she doesn't like the Dashboards or not having complete visibility into device states from outside the house. The Alexa app is a ready-made, off-the-shelf solution to that problem, but it's an incomplete one without sensor support.

Are you guys open source? If so, do you accept community contributions? You've got a whole community here that largely came from other platforms for the local execution (like me) who would help you guys build it out. In the org I'm in at Microsoft we've gone completely open source and thrive on community contributions. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


I'll throw my vote for this as well. Until Amazon opens TTS through an Echo. This would enable a way to get it done with out all the pain of having a ST account and pi or having to re-authorize a cookie every 14 days.


Also would love thermostat support in Alexa :slight_smile:


Not in the same boat with an Ecobee fortunately, but you could probably fake it until they make it.

Try creating two rules. One follows a virtual dimmer up with temp increases, the other rule follows a virtual dimmer down with temp decreases. Then configure Alexa routines with phrases. Not sure if “Alexa I’m cold” is allowed or reserved, but with similar phrases you should be able to effectively control a thermostat in Hubitat.


It is,
I use the exact same phrase to set my heating ‘boost’ on for an hour and close my conservatory windows if open.



Awesome idea! But I just tried it and realized, Hubitat doesn't report the thermostat to Alexa :persevere:

Edit: DUH! Just need a virtual dimmer in Alexa, not a thermostat. It's been a long troubleshooting day (not Hubitat) :grin:


Just out of curiosity, hand-crank style windows? Or pull-chain for roof windows? How are you closing them? This is something I've been toying with doing for a while but my windows don't really lend themselves to motorized control. :frowning:
P.S. I love when you use the word conservatory. Only if you're British can you use that word and not sound pretentious. In the US, you'd get smacked for something like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My conservatory windows are powered.. I use a Fibaro Roller Shutter relay/switch connected to hubitat as a dimmer..
I can control them through alexa.. “set windows to 50%’ and it works perfectly..

240vac mains powered motors that extend an arm from the body
I’ve only had to change one of the pair in the 17 years that they have been fitted..
And, of course, I have a Cobra App controlling them :slight_smile:

Recently painted, and not finished cleaning yet! :slight_smile: