ALPR/ANPR anyone using this?

Is anyone using any kind of local automatic number plate recognition?
Can it be used with an ip camera?

Just interested what’s out there that works.


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Looks like there are a boatload of solutions out there, but unless I miss my guess, they'll all be useless to you without access to some sort of public database that contains useful content, and given the typical user is a police type agency....good luck with that...

I mean if all you want to do is recognize your own cars coming into the drive, you could run something local, but you'd just be making a database of your cars and "unknown cars", unless you went in and tagged them.

In the US, you might run into some privacy issues, but the UK is a bit different in that respect...


I was actually only thinking about recognising our own cars

I live on a dead-end road, and was using one of the open-source LPR packages on a Raspberry Pi mounted to my mailbox post for a few months before lightning took it out. Essentially useless after dark, and maybe a 20% success rate during the day with cars passing by at 30 MPH. It might make an acceptable presence sensor for your driveway, but for the street I'm just going with motion video clips from my NVR if I ever need to see who's entering our neighorhood.....

In that case, finding one that's both capable and local is going to be the tough part! Once its working though...that would be a pretty interesting tool.