Allow to delete hubmesh remote hub's name from labels

It would be great to be able to rename at once all labels so as to delete certain characters in strings such as "device name on HubX". It is indeed problematic under certain circumstances with Alexa Skills and other voice assistants management systems to always have the string "on HubX" in the device name. Changing each label one after the other, when one has 100+ devices, is painfully time-consuming.

Thank you


Easy to solve

Edit Device label then save device. Problem solved.

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I believe the OP has hundreds to change and is requesting a way to batch change the name.

There isn't --- I already asked this months ago.

I guess I could write an app that renames all selected devices labels in an iteration loop… I’ll look into this when I find the time.

Anyone can tell me how one can call for all devices types in an input description?

Input name:”name” , type:”every existing device on your hub”

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