All Zooz Zen31 Dimmers Suddenly Not Executing Commands

I have been looking all over but can't find anything like this. It seems all of my Zooz Zen31 z-wave led strip dimmers (7 of them) stopped turning on and off at basically the same time.

Most of them run on a basic rule to turn on at sunset and off after bed. They were rock solid for months and one night I noticed they were not on. Then I recognized they had not gone on in several days. I tried to manually turn them on through the hub and they would not respond. This was several months ago, I have tinkered with several things but and the situation has not changed.

My Hub has been sending commands the whole time, but the devices are not "reacting" as far as I can tell. Every day the logs show on and off commands but the lights in reality are not working. They are responding with energy consumption of 0W. I have several other z-wave devices that continue to work as normal on the same nightly rule. As far as I can tell the Zen 31's still appear as part of my Z Wave mesh. It's like they are ignoring the commands.

Obviously something had to have changed, but I cannont think of what it would be. I did not update my Hubitat OS or the device drivers, nor did I add any new devices at the time they stopped working. I have read energy logging can cause an issue but switching that off has not changed anything.

I am hoping this is not some simple mistake on my part, but I'm fairly novice and I'm out of ideas.

I think there is an issue with the system driver where with situations they will keep decreasing the level/brightness every time you turn them on/off. So possibly this happened and they finally got to 1% or 0%.

What's the attributes on the device page look like?
If you click the ON command does the device page then change to On, or does it stay off?

Hmm.. looks like you deleted you post while I replying.
You can try this driver as well: [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN31 RGBW Dimmer Advanced

I figured it out and it was a simple issue. I was controlling the rule through the Zen31 parent device, and the commands apparently stopped working at the parent level. If I go to the child device in the device listing and run the command there it works fine.

What I don't know is why this would have changed / stopped working for all the Zen31's at the same time. Like I said, I didn't change anything to initiate the issue.

Problem solved for the moment

May have been the issues I pointed out above, where the brightness keeps decreasing every off/on cycle. I think that it happened on the parent device as you said. People having that issue said my driver fixed it for them. I should be having another update to it in a couple weeks, which will finish off all the features I wanted it to have.