All Webcore pistons stopped running at same time for few seconds

Hi I have been trying to troubleshoot a very weird issue that happened few times in the past week Recently I moved all my pistons from ST and I started noticing a completed stop in all of them at the same time for around 30 - 60 sec… then everything went back to normal with out my intervention . I recorded the time and checked the logs but nothing there out of the ordinary ..does anybody experience something like this ? It happened 3 or 4 times in then past week that I can tell …There is only one
log entry that I don’t understand but it seems normal also I have attached the hub statistics I think they are a bit high but I never got an overload message on this hub …I’m wondering if this is a bug .. the new webcore integration might help ? thank you in advance

webcore is event driven, so it is not running on timers itself to operate. So I have not seen this.

Your hub load does not look that high overall 7.6%.

You might look at your devices if any are running a lot, but not seeing much in the data you present

The message you show is normal if you have full logging on in a piston. It is important to note that if you run with a lot of logging on, logging is not 'free'.

If you have some pistons that run a lot, would be good to look at logs for them at 'Minimal' on them to understand why individual pistons run a lot.

Thank you very much for the info
I'll disable all logging as I don't need them after piston is running.
I was a bit confused with all those numbers in the app statistics but I see the overall important is the 7.6% yes it's low, Ill keep an eye in the pistons to see if happens again
Thank you for you help

In the latest webcore (HPM repair to get it), there is if you have debug turned on in the main webcore process

HE console -> apps -> webcore (main) -> Settings -> Dump piston Execution Count

Which shows the number of execution starts for the piston (since hub is up or last time webCoRE was re-loaded):

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