All vs Some conditions for Means to turn off in Room Lighting?

It seems that the "Means to turn off" is an "any" option... I'm wondering if there is an "all" option?

Scenario: I have a contact sensor that turns on the basement stair lights. While in the basement (motion sensors that turn on other lights depending on where you are in the baseement), I don't want the basement stair lights to turn off... unless all the motion sensors in the basement are inactive for 3 minutes, all the lights that those sensors turned on are off...

But, it seems that when I close the door as I go into the basement, that triggers the 1 minute timer for the stairway lights, even though the other lights or motion detector's are active...

I feel like I'm missing something... Am I?

Hmm.. I may have figured it out... although the other household members are RUINING MY TEST by going in the basement !! #lol #rude

I think you have to use the switches for the lights as something to BLOCK turning the stairway off AND use it as a trigger to turn off the stairway lights. That should, in theory, turn off the basement light once all the other lights turn off, as the each light turning off would try to turn off the stairway light, but it would be blocked by the other lights that are on. The last light turning off trigger would no longer have anything to BLOCK turnning off the basement light...

Now, I just have to wait for testing. :slight_smile:

Can’t you just remove the contact sensor as a means to turn off ? Once Motion ceases the lights will turn off regardless of a contact sensor.

I could probably remove the contact sensors as the "off trigger". I don't think they're the obstacle though, as the light paired with the sensor is always going to go out after the sensor regardless.. at worst, it's an extra condition that will never likely trigger.

But, if I leave the lights as "disable" triggers, then the first time any light turns off, the stairs will turn off. And, if I leave them as "block" turning off, the basement stairs turning off seems to get cancelled, and it never turns off.

It really seems like I have to use the lights as an "off trigger" and a "block", such that the last light will turn off the stairway lights.

This is probably my most complicated rule in the house, with the most interdependencies between multiple sensors, lights/bulbs, and contact sensors. I love the challenge of getting it to work.. :slight_smile:

There is an option that ties the timer for Turning Off to both the motion sensors and contact sensors timing out, assuming that both have timers, not just simple events.

Thanks, @bravenel ... That is probably a little easier than the way I did it....

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