All Sengled RGB bulbs stuck suddenly

They all seem to have gone unresponsive at the same time. I have different automations that run on different bulbs and none of them ran today. Oddest thing is that they seem only respond if I click configure first. I did a reboot and they still seem a bit glitchy. I guess I'll see if they settle overnight.


Did you or anyone else change anything recently?

Not that I have any knowledge of.

Try cycling power on a couple of them to see if it resolves anything.

shutdown and unplug hubitat at the wall (not the hub) for 30 mins. See if they go into panic mode. Bring hub back up and check again.

Maybe the Zigbee channel changed due to some of DB corruption? Try a soft-reset?

Note: that would not likely resolve why it happened just fix the current issues.. :crossed_fingers:

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