Alfred Zwave lock with Lock Code Manager issues with C-5

I'm checking to see if any one else is having issue with Alfred lock and the lock Code manager

I'm getting the below for the lock code and enable lockcode encryption is turned off. I have a repeater less then 3 feet, I can unlock and lock the door without any issue.

  • lockCodes : {"1":{"code":"????","name":"code #1"},"2":{"code":"????","name":"null"},"3":{"code":"????","name":"code #3"},"5":{"code":"????","name":"code #5"},"6":{"name":"code #6","code":"????"}}
  • maxCodes : 20

Looks like the lock is using the old zwave firmware, if you contact alfred they should send you a new module with the latest firmware which will allow you to set and read codes from the lock.

Thanks Mike

received the new lock and z wave module and it is working perfectly. Alfred does have some good customer services, Just wished shipping the replacement was faster but the new lock did ship from Canada.