Alexa "xxxx is Not Responding' this morning

strange start to the day. As I got out of bed and walked to make coffee - no lights went on. Voice commanded Alexa to turn on the Kitchen sink and got 'Kitchen Sink isn't responding'. All devices exhibited this behavior. Toggled the switch and the bulb flashed on the immediately flashed off.
I flipped the switch on again - same. Flash then off again.
I voiced 'Alexa turn on Kitchen' and got nothing. I walked into the office where my hub is and the lights went on as usual. I told Alexa in that room 'Turn on Kitchen' and the lights went on.

Spoke to my GF, she had nothing work this AM, and rebooted her router. (we live an hour apart). She said that fixed it. Everything seems fine now. Maybe an Amazon outage overnight?

Take a look at downdetector... doesn't look like anything major.

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I saw some errors in my logs this morning around 00:40 - 00:47 EST that indicated a loss of connectivity to Alexa, but everything was working when I got up a few hours later. AWS has been having some off and on issues since before Christmas, can't tell if they're doing some infrastructure work or not though.

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Nothing here but that only means if they had an outage it was not widespread.

East-1 and East-2 seem to be the primary problem children at the moment, although I think I saw an issue with West-1 at one point also.

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Are you using Alexa routines to trigger your light and outlets, or do you have those set up as rules within Hubitat and then use Alexa for voice control only?

The problem with using Alexa routines is that it requires the Internet and Amazon Web Services to be functioning properly. If anything disrupts that functionality, you lose control of your devices. One advantage of Hubitat is that it controls devices locally and continues to function even if the Internet goes down.

Thus, I recommend that Alexa routines only be used for devices that cannot be controlled by Hubitat. That means WiFi and LAN devices for which Hubitat drivers are not available. If something can be controlled by Hubitat, it is best to set it up that way. Then use the Alexa skill to like Hubitat with Alexa and provide voice control options. Don't use Alexa routines unless Hubitat is unable to do it internally.

the topic is about amazon possibly being down...