Alexa with 2nd caseta hub

hello this is my first post.
I'm trying to add a caseta switch and /or group of caseta switches from my 2ND Caseta Pro HUB to work with Alexa. The Alexa skill is attached to my 1st Lutron Bridge email acount. I went over the 50 limit so i added a 2nd Lutron Bridge Pro hub. Hubitat sees the second bridge no problem, Since the 2nd hub is on another email account how can i add it to alexa because the lutron skill is connected to the first lutron bridge pro?

Instead of linking Alexa with one of your Lutron accounts, link it with hubitat, which has all your Lutron devices from both bridges.

first of all, WOW, this is amazing how quickly i received a solution. THANK YOU marktheknife for answer. IT WORKED!

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Welcome to the community! Tagging @bobbyD to try to help get your "owner" badge added to your forum account, too.

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BTW I am an automation integrator for my company and Ive been using SmartThings in all my home automation for my clients for the past 4 years. H E will now be the replacement for my new client homes as well as retrofit H E hubs for my existing clients. My biggest fear has been resolved knowing I can come to this community for solutions from great guys like marktheknife . Im in the process of ordering 5 more hubitat HUBS for future home installation to have in my truck. Im sold on the Hubitat community and happily drinking the HE koolaid.... Its delicious!


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