Alexa - -Unsolicited TTS


yes, please post the code, if you've configured the telnet interface correctly it will happen automatically, just as it does with the lutron integration, so somethings missing

EDIT, is that the most recent version above?


looks like you're missing capability "Initialize"


That was an easy fix. Thank you sir.


With the telnet client I can't seem to get my parse method called when I'm using the IP and port in hex notation (no 0x prefix e.g. C0A80178:1F7C) as the DNI of the device.

Does this only work with the MAC address (in caps without separators) as the DNI? (I know the commands are hitting the destination because they are working to control the device.)

*edit: Hm... I think I may know the reason. It appears that the response contains no termination character. The response appears to be just a P or a F for pass or fail. Infrequently I get unsolicited data as well but it also doesn't contain a termination character. Can I still get these responses?
*edit: Hm... there is a termination character. It looks like the Windows telnet client doesn't understand it. I'll connect something to it and figure out what it really is.