Alexa - -Unsolicited TTS


Anyone else seeing the socketimeoutexcepton ? It's suspected to be the cause of my hubs poor performance...


I'm sorry I am not running any automation with this due to the cookie issues. Last time mybpi rebooted I have not even tried again.

I can say that I did not see this error during my testing.

If staff say it is causing issues I would definitely remove it ASAP.


This has been fixed in release 1.1.4


Thanks Chuck. It’ll be a while before I can do any testing due to Hurricane Florence. No clue when we’ll get power back here in Wilmington, let alone an internet connection.


Sweet -

I suppose I will revisit this as well...


Oh man, stay safe!


Well if anyone is interested - Telnet now seems to be working beautifully. I am able to pass the alexa tts command and alexa speaks.


Out of interest what sort of a delay are you seeing from the command being executed to alexa actually speaking?


about 2 seconds


The cookie issue is no more?


Sadly the cookie problem remains.

I just had to come back and see if I could make the telnet work...


Rats. That's what has kept me from pursuing this route. Hopefully Hubitat will get virtual switches to be compatible with the routines soon.


I am curious daniel - does the autologin process work for you? It seems to me like we would get a longer delay if it was trying to refresh your cookie everytime...;


@bravenel @mike.maxwell

How can I check if a telnet session is active in the driver?

I lose connection if my pi restarts. Is there a simple to check for this and reconnect automagiclly?


So I have been playing with this - a little google told me on every reboot the /tmp files get cleared.

I changed the code to place the cookies in a different directory. They now survive reboot. And I have even managed to successfully renew the cookie through the script. This is looking a little more workable to me..


Yes, add a method telnetStatus(status)
You should get an event from that when the thread stops, it is better at identifying send errors, i dont know how long or if it will return anything if the endpoint goes away and no data is sent from the driver.


ahh that worked nicely.

Thank you @mike.maxwell


Is telnet only for drivers or does it also work in apps?


Apps do not have a parse method which is how the data is returned.


Unfortuantely it doesnt, I have to populate the cookie file manually...

are you accessing or im using