Alexa trigger an HE automation

I am trying to get alexa to trigger a HE automation
I have tried using a virtual contact sensor but I don't understand how to have alexa to trigger it open and closed
any help here ?

Use a virtual switch instead.

The virtual contact is for Hubitat to trigger automations using Alexa-paired devices (i.e. the opposite of what you are planning to do).

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ok.. but now i am having a problem were my virtual switch when triggered in HE won't turn off the light.
example i created a virtual switch
I created a simple automation in HE that says turn on light using this switch turn off when off
I can turn it on using the virtual switch but it wont turn off using the virtual switch in HE

It will turn and go to the level and color I have it set in the simple automation but i can't turn it off using the virtual switch

sorry I am very new to HE

nevermind facepalm I think i figured it out I forgot to click the slider to turn off in the automation...