Alexa skill / Ramp brightness

With the addition of the new "Ramp Brightness" and day light simulation routines recently added to Alexa, I noticed that any of the devices added via the Hubitat Alexa skill do not have the option for "Ramp Brightness".

I thought maybe it was a function of the device handler so I switched to the "Generic Zigbee CT (dev)" on a few of my devices to see if that added the option but unfortunately it does not.

As a test, the same bulbs added via smartthings have the functionality which leads me to assume that this is something that needs to be adjusted in the Hubitat Skill and/or the CT handler is also missing the needed functions.

Anyone have any experience with this availability and found it working on their Hubitat connected devices? Is this a change that needs to be updated in the skill itself?


EDIT: Did a quick test and I think I see the issue.

With the Smart Things skill, level is reported to Alexa as "Brightness", which has the ramp features however with the Hubitat skill, it's reported as "Power Level".

This does make it appear that it's a skill update that's required and/or a functionality of the DH that I'm not aware of to change how it's reported.

There are many, many updates necessary to the Alexa Skill and Google Home integration.

Just to probe a little deeper, what do you accomplish through "ramp brightness"? Does it just fade over time? Of does this allow you to start fading and then stop, similar to Hubitat's startLevelChange and stopLevelChange commands?

More than anything I was playing/researching smart alarm clocks and ran across the updates on this so I thought I'd try it.

These new routine options are supposed to integrate into the Alexa alarms so the Echo Show for example, X min before/after an alarm goes off, it will start ramping up the brightness of lights and then when the alarm is dismissed, turn the light back off. Beauty of that is it's tied to the alarms themselves.

I know there's other ways of doing it and I've been toying around with IFTTT and Sleep as Android with but I thought I'd give the Alexa a try seeing how i have an Echo Show 5 just sitting around.

Regardless, when I saw that the Ramp Brightness was missing I dug into it a bit to see why which led to the post.

A quick search through the Amazon dev doccuments after posting leads me to believe in this case, the skill is using the "PowerLevelController" vs the "BrightnessController" for lights. Both work for the end function but for these newer routines, Power <> Brightness (which is logical) can do this with Hubitat. Instead of "ramping" in Alexa, just have alexa turn the control device for a hubitat Scene on. You can control the "ramp" time in your Hubitat Scene.

Yeah.. Only problem is that Alexa can only turn on a scene or control a device on alarm dismiss. That was one of the beauties of this new feature was it work on alarm start too.

If I really wanted to play with it I can always just expose the light to smartthings via hubconnect and then to alexa but the thought of that alone makes me shiver... :slight_smile:

I'll probably just stick with Sleep as Android till I can find a smart alarm clock that makes sense.. Regardless I wanted to mention it to the dev's to look into