Alexa Skill Lights verse Switches

I moved all of my Alexa integrations to HE and have noticed that the skill doesn't know the difference between lights, rooms and other devices, it seems to treat them all as switches.

For example in my master bedroom I have an Alexa group with a dot, several lights and the harmony integration. With Smarthings I can say "turn on the lights" and only the lights come on. With HE I have to say "turn on the bedroom lights" and it turns on all the lights and the TV through Harmony. Is this the expected behavior?

Unfortunately Alexa doesn't enable the ability to place devices in groups or rooms via the skill. And it also considers each device brand new (it doesn't remember them by their name) so when you switched over to the new skill Alexa basically created brand new devices all without room assignments. It sounds like you had your previous devices assigned to rooms inside the Alexa app. So you will have to run through that process again and assign them. We are hoping Amazon will let us soon assign devices to groups/rooms in the future. We will support that once they do.

As for everything being a switch vs a light. That seems very strange. We default almost every device to a light. Outlets are considered a smart plug, however you can go into the Alexa app and change their type to a light.

What types of devices do you have?

Something's not right if you're not getting different identification. I certainly did when Alexa discovered new devices in the skill vs the old "lux light" identification everything used to receive.

For anyone that sees this in the future. When I rebuilt the group the dot did not get saved to it. I had to go out of the group screen, back in, add the dot again and hit save. As far as the Harmony activity vs light; I had created a virtual switch to run the activity with a few other things. Virtual switches are treated the same as any other switch.

Edit: Actually it looks like the Harmony activities are treated like lights as well.